InSpirAll Greater Life Creation Ltd. 

OD, Facilitation, Coaching & Training

for Change Agents, Non-profits & Social Entrepreneurs

Are you leading an NGO, UN Agency or Social Enterprise and...

Looking for (an) inspirational, experienced and trusted facilitator(s)
for your upcoming leadership, team, strategic planning or staff retreat?

Would you be happy to be able to count on caring and committed professionals who will:

  • design a process/event that is addressing your organisation's specific needs and aspirations?
  • deliver a powerfully inspiring, energizing and truly transformational process?
  • make sure that the objectives are fully achieved & followed up?

  • ensure that everybody feels welcome and safe, with a sense of belonging and trust that their input matters?
  • make sure that everybody is really participating and engaged in the process?
  • engage the body, heart, soul as well as mind of all participants in the process?

  • support staff alignment with the purpose, vision and values of the organisation,
    all the while making sure that all feel heard and part of the process?
  • support the co-creation of a clear and actionable strategic plan for the organisation or team?
  • make sure that all participants make powerful personal commitments?

​Or looking for a trusted leadership coach for yourself or other colleagues?

Would you benefit from:

  • an experienced and skilled coaching partner that you can trust,
    with the guarantee of full confidentiality?
  • someone whose sole role it is to support and challenge you to be the best you can be,
    without any judgment?
  • someone who fully understands your need to balance your work with your private life,
    and your present with your future?
  • someone who gets that it can be lonely at the top,
    and that there are some things you cannot just discuss with colleagues?
  • ​Somebody who is there to clarify what it is that you really want,
    ​and there with proven tool and processes to help you to achieve it?