We are associated with the following people & organizations (in alphabetical order):

  • Assumption University, Graduate School of Business, Bangkok - www.gsb.au.edu/ 
  • Barrett's Values Centre. Contact: Phil Clothier - www.valuescentre.com 
  • Center for Appreciative Inquiry. Contact: Kathy Becker - www.centerforappreciativeinquiry.net
  • Creative Consciousness Academy. Contact: Marc Steinberg - creativeconsciousnessacademy.com
  • ​Positive Intelligence (PQ). Contact Shirzad Chamine - www.positiveintelligence.com
  • Spirit o​f Humanity Forum. Contact: John Campbell - sohforum.org

Christophe Horvath is also a co-admin/curator of the SDGs Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/SDG2030